We’re one of the leading manufacturers of urethane round rod, sheet, and bar stock

Urethane Stock is a division of Universal Urethane Products.

The phrase “One Source Responsibility” are words to live by. From concept to completion, all jobs are managed and manufactured in our facility, by our staff.

As further reinforcement of our commitment to customers, all Universal Urethane customer representatives are company employees.

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    Universal Urethane Stock Team
    Universal Urethane Products 50th Anniversary

    Celebrating 50 Years

    In 1973, Universal Urethane Products opened its doors for business.

    Its founder, Harry Conrad, operated the business on the premise that customers would receive quality urethane products and unparalleled service at an affordable price.

    As a result of this commitment to customer satisfaction, today Universal Urethane Products is a leading cast manufacturer of custom urethane roll coverings, custom parts and stock products. Companies from around the world consistently rely upon Universal Urethane’s superior urethane product line and personalized service to help keep them competitive and profitable.

    We service customers in a number of industries, including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, corrugated containers, printing, automotive glass, and many more. Our clients are accustomed to, and have come to expect, the highest levels of expertise available. Offering decades of knowledge, our staff is experienced and trained in every facet of the cast urethane manufacturing process.

    In five decades of business, Universal Urethane Products has experienced tremendous growth. Our current facilities and world headquarters are housed in a 70,000 square foot complex conveniently located to major thoroughfares in Ohio. Nearly 75 employees strong, Universal Urethane Products offers unsurpassed expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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    Standard urethane stock sizes are available in our shop. Custom stock available on request.

    Urethane Stock manufacturers stock urethane rod, urethane sheet and urethane bar sizes with standard durometer of 40 shore “a” up to 65 shore “d”. Standard colors include red, natural and black.

    Custom options available

    Urethane Stock offers custom colors, durometers and sizes for our flat sheet stock, round rod stock and square bar stock. We can go as low as 20 durometer shore “a” and as high as 70 durometer shore “d”. Colors could include yellow, orange, grey, white and blue. Sizes could be larger than listed on our website for custom sizes of each stock material.

    Custom round rod stock would be longer than listed. Custom flat sheet stock can come larger than our biggest size listed. For custom inquires please fill out our quote form and let us know your custom needs.