As an added service to our customers, Universal Urethane can also take a roll straight out of a service line and return it to you ready to install. The following is a typical procedure for a complete rebuild of a roll:

  • Remove, clean, and straighten frames.
  • Remove bearings, housings, and seals. The housings are inspected and repaired if needed.
  • Completely inspect roll and shaft. Ultrasonic and Wet mag particle test roll and shaft. Any needed repairs are quoted at this time. A report is supplied for the UT/Wet Mag testing.
  • Recover your roll and finish per print.
  • Replace bearings, seals, and housings. Bearings and seals are supplied new or reconditioned.
  • Replace the frames.

The roll is now ready to be replaced into service without added cost or time incurred by your employees.