Benefits of Urethane Stock

Benefits of Polyurethane

Polyurethane products can be found in almost every industry worldwide. Global utilization of polyurethane (PU) products is possible due to polyurethane’s mechanical properties and the means in which they can be modified through different formulation adjustments and the introduction of additives designed to target and enhance specific mechanical properties to improve performance. This versatility creates a number of unique opportunities to address application specific problems, while maintaining performance characteristics unequaled in any other material.

Polyurethane elastomers span a very broad hardness range which impart a wide range of mechanical properties, making them well suited for many different applications. Hardness is the primary unit of measure for PU products and is measured on two separate scales. The Shore A scale is used for softer durometers and the Shore D scale for harder durometers. Examples of Cast Polyurethane Products range from sponge like drain covers (20 Shore A), Conveyors rollers (90 Shore A), to bowling balls (80 Shore D).
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Flexible Solutions Through Polymeric Innovation

Molded urethane products typically contain 2-4 components consisting of a resin base, 1-2 curatives and a colorant such as a pigment or dye. Most manufacturers use meter-mix and dispense machines to mix the components into a homogeneous liquid which can then be introduced into a heated mold to create the finished product.

Polyurethane is an extremely versatile elastomer used in countless applications worldwide. Polyurethane’s mechanical properties can be isolated and manipulated through creative chemistry which creates a number of unique opportunities to solve problems with performance characteristics unequaled in any other material. Our understanding of how to seize these opportunities allows Precision Urethane to provide “Flexible Solutions Through Polymeric Innovation.

Polyurethane vs Rubber

Polyurethane and rubber both have their place, but the superior material solely depends on the user. In the case of belts, tires, and seals, rubber is the best material. Polyurethane would be the better choice in the case of buildings, spacers, and high load components.

Polyurethane has a higher abrasion, tear, and cut resistance. It can be made in numerous hardnesses, and it has a better capacity for large and heavy loads. Polyurethane is also easily covered and doesn’t get as discolored as rubber.

In some cases, polyurethane is also chemical resistant and much easier and cost-effective when you need to mold it into different sizes and shapes.

The soft nature of rubbers allows for the complete absorption of noise and vibrations, which may give buyers the assumption that polyurethane might not be as good for dampening vibration. Still, in fact, polyurethane is also an excellent energy absorber and can be made in extremely low durometers.

In most popular cases, polyurethane will outperform its rubber counterparts in many components, including bushings and pads. The polyurethane parts will last much longer, resist several chemicals and oils, and compress loads.

Lastly, polyurethane has a much more pleasing aesthetic than rubber. While looks might not matter entirely, polyurethane parts will always look better than rubber. At the end of the day, if you count on performance, quality, and lifespan, polyurethane is your best bet, and you will certainly never be disappointed!

Benefits of Polyurethane Rods

With a long history of outstanding quality, superior product performance, and excellent customer service, PSI is a trusted provider of custom urethane rods and urethane rod stock.

Urethane rods offer several important benefits due to their elastomeric properties. PSI’s urethane rods are made of tough, crack-resistant, and abrasion-resistant polyurethane, which lasts significantly longer than conventional rubbers and plastics. We provide custom diameters, lengths, hardness, and colors with little or no tooling costs.

Our urethane rods are abrasion & crack resistant, flexible, and have excellent tear strength. In applications such as guide, drive, or pinch rollers they outwear conventional rubber rollers up to FIVE times.

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Benefits of Polyurethane Sheets

Universal Urethane has also developed a multi-hardness/dual-durometer urethane sheet which can be cast in custom colors and hardness’s. The casting process involves a hard durable protective layer casted to a soft layer that can be used in applications where standard cast urethane sheets will not meet the required performance life in more demanding applications. These two layers are bonded together in the manufacturing process and are made not to delaminate even under extreme conditions.
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Benefits of Polyurethane Bars

Polyurethane rods & bars are versatile products well suited for machining into custom items in low volume products such as bumpers, stops and bushings. Specialized formulations allow for ease in grinding or machining. Other available formulations include high rebound urethane with low compression set characteristics, high-temperature formulations, and abrasion-resistant. We offer a large tooling selection with little to no setup costs on most orders.
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