We’re one of the largest manufacturers of cast urethane sheet, bar, and round rod stock

We produce precision cast products daily and keep a large inventory. Orders ship daily (call for rush orders).

When it comes to choosing urethane, you have plenty of options for hardness, color, thickness, and more. Universal Urethane’s selection and customer service make it easy to find exactly what you need at a discounted price directly from the manufacturer.

    Polyurethane Stock
    • Standard durometer available from 40A to 65D
    • Standard colors: red, natural and black (other colors upon request)
    • Free quotes on custom orders
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      Celebrating 50 Years

      In 1973, Universal Urethane Products opened its doors for business.

      Its founder, Harry Conrad, operated the business on the premise that customers would receive quality urethane products and unparalleled service at an affordable price.

      As a result of this commitment to customer satisfaction, today Universal Urethane Products is a leading cast manufacturer of custom urethane roll coverings, custom parts and stock products. Companies from around the world consistently rely upon Universal Urethane’s superior urethane product line and personalized service to help keep them competitive and profitable.

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      Exploring the Versatility of Stock Urethane for Multiple Uses

      Stock urethane, a versatile material, has gained popularity across several industries due to its exceptional properties.

      • Bumpers:
        Stock urethane bumpers are pre-manufactured, eliminating the need for costly tooling expenses. These bumpers come in a range of durometers, from 40 Shore A to 100 Shore A (65 Shore D), allowing for flexibility in applications. Standard colors include Orange, Black, Red, and Natural.
      • Dampers:
        Urethane dampers are widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. They are designed to withstand challenging conditions, including high temperatures, humidity, and repetitive compressions, effectively reducing noise, vibration, and hardness levels.
      • Bushings:
        Urethane suspension bushings, also known as anti-vibration mountings, bearings, or control-arm bushings, play a critical role in absorbing vibrations and enabling movement in the suspension systems of vehicles and heavy equipment. These bushings can be customized in terms of colors and hardness levels to suit specific applications, improving handling, cornering, and ride comfort.
      • Springs:
        Urethane springs offer unique advantages over traditional metal springs. Made from a durable and flexible polyurethane material, they can withstand high levels of stress and tension while retaining their shape. Urethane springs are particularly useful in environments where corrosion, vibration, or magnetism makes steel wire springs unsuitable.
      • Stops:
        Urethane stops find application in various scenarios, such as vehicles, bicycles, dirt bikes, and off-road equipment. They serve to protect suspension and shock systems from wear and tear caused by impacts. Urethane bump stops excel in situations involving debris, oils, compressions, and heavy loads, outlasting rubber alternatives.
      • Gaskets:
        Urethane gaskets are essential for creating dependable, pressure-tight seals between stationary parts. They effectively prevent gas, dirt, dust, or fluids from leaking and can adapt to surface irregularities, ensuring a secure and reliable seal.

      Stock urethane is a versatile material that offers numerous advantages across various applications. Its cost-effectiveness, customization options, and durability make it a preferred choice for industries requiring high-performance materials. 

      Shore Hardness Scale Durometer

      What Durometer Should I Use?

      There are times when researching for a project, you need to know the hardness of the material you are wanting to use. Please reference our chart with durometers of different products that range from soft to extra hard.

      If you have any questions, please contact us or give us a call at 419-693-7400 and one of our technical sales people can assist you.