Urethane Stock

More and more people are turning to urethane as an affordable and high-quality alternative to traditional plastic and rubber. Its' strength and customizability makes it ideal for applications in many industries. Universal Urethane’s urethane stock sheets, rods, and bars are manufactured right here in Toledo, Ohio. In addition to our standard stock, we can create custom formulations and colors to suit your needs.

Polyurethane Stock
  • Standard durometer available from 40A to 65D
  • Standard colors: red, natural and black (other colors upon request)
  • Free quotes on custom orders
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    We’re one of the largest manufacturers of cast urethane round rod, sheet, and bar stock

    We produce precision cast products daily and keep a large inventory. Orders ship daily (call for rush orders).

    When it comes to choosing urethane, you have plenty of options for hardness, color, thickness, and more. Universal Urethane’s selection and customer service make it easy to find exactly what you need at a discounted price directly from the manufacturer.

      Variety of uses and applications

      Available in different colors, thicknesses, and durometers, urethane sheets have a variety of uses and applications, such as:

        • Prototyping
        • Metal Fabrication
        • Absorbing Pads
        • Bumpers
        • Pipe pigs
        • Manufacturing and machining
        • Shock absorbers
        • Mold creation
        • Noise dampening
        • Sealing
        • Weatherproofing
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            Industries that use urethane

            Many industries can benefit from incorporating urethane products into their process due to its strength and impact resistance, as well as its ability to dampen vibrations (such as from large machines or engines). Here are just a few industries which use urethane:

            Aerospace and Aviation

            Metal Fabrication


            Prototyping and Engineering


            Military and defense

            Foodservice and prep

            Insulation and weatherproofing


            Shore Hardness Scale Durometer

            What Durometer Should I Use?

            There are times when researching for a project, you need to know the hardness of the material you are wanting to use. Please reference our chart with durometers of different products that range from soft to extra hard.

            If you have any questions, please contact us or give us a call at 419-693-7400 and one of our technical sales people can assist you.